A Microsoft not many have seen

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

The other day spotify blessed this world and today I witnessed a “new” Microsoft. A Microsoft that finally gets into the fray and combats the blogosphere, handling feedback and giving facts.

It all started a few months ago when the Windows 7 engineering blog was started. I was very excited about that announcement and what it promised to deliver. An inside view (at least as close as you can get) on the engineering process and thoughts behind the design decisions in Windows 7. It has been a very good read so far and I wish a lot more people would read it. Especially many out there in the blogosphere in the hopes that it would get many debates back to talking about facts and being constructive instead of religious bickering.

In the last few days a heated discussion started to form about, a weakness if you will, in the UAC system in windows 7. People realized that it was possible to change the UAC level without being elevated. A lot of people pointed this out and Microsoft response was somewhat peculiar as it took a defensive position, a high horse approach, this is not a bug. That was what it felt like and everyone was thinking, they are missing the point (again). Today all of us were proven wrong


I know not one man changes the face of a company, but Steven Sinofsky is doing an excellent job in the communication department I hope this is what we can expect from Microsoft for all products in the future. We technical people need all the help we can get to communicate clearly, I know for sure I do =)

Let’s hope they don’t get hubris (like a few years ago) and instead stays true to this new open path.


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