Spotify – a better world!

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sometimes the world surprises you, sometimes it is one of those moments when the world takes a slight step forward towards a better place. Today was such a day when I was introduced to Spotify (not to mention the iTunes drops DRM!)

An online music service with an already vast directory of online music(even if the service is just months old), with many of the worlds’ artists. Some notable artists have decided to opt out of this unfortunately, but I am sure they will come around when they realize the potential this has.

The basic service is free and commercialized. A subscription costs a mere 99kr per month. That’s less than one CD a month! But it is also a good trick to get me to buy at least 8 CDs a year. More than I do now (not by much but still) which is wherein the trick lies, many small expenses are an evil way to increase people’s spending as it creeps in, but in this case I applaud it!

On the upside I get to chose exactly what to listen to and find new genres to appreciate. Now if they would only add the ability to donate to the artists right from the app too!

Hopefully this will be a start of the end of DRM which sucks valuable money (not counting the valuable processor cycles on my computer..) out of the hands of the ones that should get them. The performers.

What would you know, it was founded in Sweden too!

Now if it would only come to the mobile as well. Will help Ericsson too =) as the capacity increase needed might explode finally and perhaps also push prices of roaming mobile broadband across Europe to a more acceptable level. Oh well one can dream!

  1. Mattias says:

    Spotify gets it. The record labels (some at least) don\’t still it seems. They live in the 80s. Forcing spotify to implement restrictions based on country and removing more artists: two cents: It\’s all about making it easy. Up until spoitfy is has been easier to just download music illegally. Now with spotify it is actually easier to do it legally, not just equally easy. I go for the easy convenient solution. I\’m prepared to pay for spotify. It\’s not only easy but adds interesting simple features, like sharing and even collaborating on playlists. Add a mobile client and I\’m all set.

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