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Posted: September 3, 2008 in Computer and Internet

I have been using it for a few hours now and it runs smoothly, although IE8 Beta 2 is running equally smoothly I must say. Chrome has "stolen" the IE8 interface where they try to make it as sleek as possible. I think they have done a better job as the search is integrated into the address bar nicely.

I had plentiful problems to get Visual Studio 2005 to work with the new Windows 2008 Server SDK that is needed to build the chromium browser, but I finally got that sorted out and it is now plunching away building occupying all my 4 cores as I type this.

The source code weighs in at a hefty 430MB with the SVN folders and encompasses 17000 folders with 110k files. SVN does a really decent job of updating the source tree as a fully sync take just about 30s on my machine and internet connection.

To read about how to get hacking on chrome take a look here

Now my friend Mattias Bergander managed to crash the entire browser not just a tab when browsing google analytics. My goal is to reproduce this and find the bug!

  1. Mattias says:

    And I thought someone said "Nice they are using Visual Studio 2005, then you know it will work immediately to set up" 😉 My own comments regarding Chrome: I haven\’t found a place where Chrome is slower yet, without actually timing it, it is usually about as fast as IE8 beta2. Having said that, in some circumstances it is considerbly quicker. Looking at build logs under the bamboo continuous intergration server for example is A LOT quicker with Chrome (as well as with Safari which is also webkit-based).I concur, the sleek interface and the "Omnibar" is great. One field for entering web addresses, search bookmarks AND search the internet is great. I\’m currently using it as a defualt browser actually. As you mentioned I DID manage to crash the entire thing, not just a single tab. It recovered back with all the tabs except the one that was just opened. I put in "google analytics" in the omnibar (no quotes) and hit enter. It opened the tab and then all chromeprocesses crashed. Strange, and I\’m unable to reproduce it. Vista 64 Ultimate. Seems to be at least one situation where the process isolation for tabs AND different web-servers (domains) doesn\’t work yet.

  2. Mattias says:

    Now that\’s funny. I tried to post the previous comment using IE8 beta2, didn\’t work. Complained about "Servern har upptäckt ett fel" (The server encountered an error or similar in english) as a "flash" validating/error message under the add comment text. Tried it with Chrome, and it worked… Different layout in Chrome for adding comments though.

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