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Google Chrome Web Browser

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Computer and Internet

I have been using it for a few hours now and it runs smoothly, although IE8 Beta 2 is running equally smoothly I must say. Chrome has "stolen" the IE8 interface where they try to make it as sleek as possible. I think they have done a better job as the search is integrated into the address bar nicely.

I had plentiful problems to get Visual Studio 2005 to work with the new Windows 2008 Server SDK that is needed to build the chromium browser, but I finally got that sorted out and it is now plunching away building occupying all my 4 cores as I type this.

The source code weighs in at a hefty 430MB with the SVN folders and encompasses 17000 folders with 110k files. SVN does a really decent job of updating the source tree as a fully sync take just about 30s on my machine and internet connection.

To read about how to get hacking on chrome take a look here

Now my friend Mattias Bergander managed to crash the entire browser not just a tab when browsing google analytics. My goal is to reproduce this and find the bug!



Had plentiful of problem to get the new SDK to integrate with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Visual Studio 2005 SP1. Apprently there is a bug in the 2008 SP1 that "corrupts" a few registry keys with version numbers the Windows SDK configuration tool cannot handle. Read about it here

After fixing those keys the tools still crashes on me, so I found this thread where they introduce an undocumented option like so:

WindowsSdkVer.exe  -version:v6.1 -legacy

And finally it integrates automatically without me having to do it manually, although I think it would have been faster for me to just do that as this took a good 30min.. Use your Windows update for some good please. if this has been discovered fix it or handle me the sources to the WindowsSdkVer programs so I can figure out why it is crashing!

Well what would you know, I actually won something, pretty neat, another copy of XP is always handy for older machines, although I much prefer Vista but I cannot draw :(. Thanks Redmond Pie!

Winners of Windows Vista Ultimate and XP Professional | Redmond Pie

If I could add one thing to the next version of Windows it would be, more than one thing, but in order I would love to have a properly built in Virtual Desktop Manager. sysinternals just released a first version of a manager. It seems to go about things very differently from other manager like cubedesktop or deskspace. Instead of using the ShowWindow API to hide and view windows this one actually seems to create desktops through the desktop API. It doesn’t work all that smoothly, or seems to break Aero, but the idea of using deeper integration appeals to me, one built into Vista would force a few new API:s to make this smooth. Smooth transition, no hanging windows, no windows popping up where they should etc.

Another thing I would like to see if a deep integration with Live Mesh (much as they are now integration all the other live services) and a better search function for searching normal files. Windows Search is great, but not when you want to search ordinary files, you can change the behavior but then you loose the speed so there is always a downside. It would be nice to have two different version of search handily available when you search.

A better license scheme where home users can buy a pack of licenses to run in there home, much like the Office Home licenses now available.

I also wish they would finally replace the task manager with sysinternals process explorer or at least integrate them together.

Integrate desktop sharing better so people can share certain applications on their desktop with their friends easily. Many such services exists and are even built into Vista, but I cannot make them work reliable over the internet with firewall inbetween. That said I would check out Microsoft SharedView

And on a side note, not really OS related, I wish they would bring Java back into Visual Studio under .Net as it is a pain to use eclipse at times.

And it would be nifty if they could actually make a console application (both command and powershell) that can resize/rescale the window by dragging on the corners…

I could go on and on with cool things to add and many pretty nifty things are coming in Windows 7, I suspect it will be a very nice OS, much like XP was after Windows 2000. All the ground work was done in Vista, from what you can see on the surface it seems to be a great starting platform at add value and performance without having to worry too much about security (relatively). They will have much more time to focus on performance and value this time around I think.

It is as many wise people say about software engineering, version 1 is good (XP), version 2 is over done (Vista) version 3 is excellent(Windows 7).