Vista tweaks and thoughts

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Computer and Internet

I have been having troubles with the folder view changing in the Explorer every now and then. I have tried to clear out the Bags and BagsMRU keys, and it made it better for awhile and then it started back again.

I just read another tweak Vista Annoyances Resolved. You simple remove the keys, and back Bags\AllFolders\Shell->FolderType=Documents

Seems to work so far. This has been the most annoying bug (part from the Network card problem described before) I have had with Vista. Part from that it has run smoothly and is really a step up from XP, just the search function in the start menu is a feature useful enough to validate an upgrade in my opinion. (Part from a sometimes 50% increase in windowed mode gaming, which is useful when you play MMORPG and don’t want to go full screen)

The article above also hints about other useful tweaks. Vista has received a lot of bad press, most of it is simple false facts and general FUD, normally coming from those a bit upset with Microsoft or simple with a strong conviction that Bill Gates is evil. He may or may not be, but don’t let that stop you from trying out Vista and decide for yourself instead of listening to the popular opinion. You might end up distrusting popular opinions and certain prominent bloggers integrity or at least be more skeptic about them in the future, or perhaps it will strengthen the trust. Go find out, go get the facts it will benefit everyone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with XP nor Ubuntu/Linux it is just in my opinion much lesser of an experience (Vista is still missing virtual desktops built in though, but I can recommend trying out CubeDesktop – 3D realtime virtual desktop manager and task switcher or Otaku Software or if you like it open source this one has promise XP Virtual Desktop Manager – Home).


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