Vista unidentified network

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized


Anyone that has tried to install a loopback adapter of any sort in Vista have probably hit the firewall profile annoyance. It will set your firewall profile to "Public" whenever it cannot identify a network. That has bugged me for quite awhile (especially if you install the loopback remotely connected to work thus losing your connection because RDP only was open on the domain profile..) but I never got around to be annoyed enough to fix it, I simply turned off the loopback as I wasn’t using it any longer. However today I decided to install VMWare again on my dev box, VMWare have the same problem as it install 2 networks for your benefit, unfortunately it sets your firewall profile to "Public".

Last time I tried to solve this I simply set the default gateway to point to the adapter itself. But I found this to be a poor solution as it adds default routes to my routing table that I don’t want there (especially since I have a multi homed setup at home, so I need those routes and metrics static!), so I ended up disabling the VMNet as I didn’t use it at the time, but now I want to use it so simulate an entire system locally in VMWare, so today I finally dug in a bit and found the gem!

In Ndis you can change the device type to become an end point device. This basically means that the adapter isn’t a connection to a reachable network, Vista will thus not try to discover and manage it.

Add the DWORD key "*NdisDeviceType" with value 1 to

So there you have it! A happy route table and an even happier firewall!


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